Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to make your human REALLY glad she's not riding you.

Ok, this one's not so bad but doesn't she look lovely?

Today was simply glorious. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. The outdoor was LEVEL :D.

I showed up to the barn after work with about three layers off, and immediately peeled everything but my t-shirt off. It was so nice and warm out. Lucy was covered in mud on one side of her body, which can only mean one thing: she spent the afternoon sunbathing. Smart girl!

We rode in the outdoor and she seemed much happier outside than she does in the indoor. We got some SUPER nice soft trotting and cantering. After we were done in the ring, we went for a little hack across the street to a cute development. Lucy was so chill about the whole thing: crossing the road, walking past a little stream, but then we got to a guy chopping wood in his driveway. He wasn't chopping any wood as we were approaching, and then as soon as we passed his house, WHAM! he chopped a piece of wood and Lucy was like WHATWASTHAT!!?!?!?! and did a little dance. He said "oh, sorry!! I won't do it anymore if you don't want me to!" but I assured him that she needed to learn about wood chopping sometime (??) and so I made her stand there and watch him chop the rest of the wood for a few minutes. Pretty soon she was falling asleep to the sound of WHACK! plop. WHACK! plop. Good horse.


  1. yeehah! Wow what a nice guy to ask you if you needed him to stop! I have met many an oblivious and a few down right antagonistics out on the trail.

  2. No, you should totally just jump right on her. Kate the cowgirl!!

  3. Trust me, I've had plenty of cowgirl experiences through the years and if I can avoid it, that's always best. I don't bounce like I used to! :(

    Yes it was very nice of the guy to offer to wait. The last time we went out on the road, we almost got run over by a car so I'm grateful for any thoughtfulness.


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