Tuesday, March 23, 2010

just wonderful (sarcastic)

It's been raining here again and just in one day today, we got over 3" of rain. I happened to arrive at the barn after work during a dry spell so I tossed Lucy in the outdoor to let her stretch her legs while I did her stall. As I was mucking, I could hear her flying around but I didn't pay much attention to it. It started raining again but I wasn't done with the stall, so I brought her in and put her in the indoor while I finished up. She looked totally fine walking through the barn to the indoor.

When I was ready to put her back in her stall and feed her, I clipped the lead rope on and led her out of the indoor and heard "clip....clop....clipclop....clip....clop....clipclop". She was LAME. Ugh! It was her left front and I ran my hands up and down both her front legs for a few minutes but couldn't find any heat at all. Nothing in her knees, tendons, ankles, or feet. Both shoes were on and secure. I lunged her quickly at the trot just to make sure, but she looked off in both directions. I think she probably tweaked something while playing. I felt so helpless there in the aisle wishing that I wasn't all alone at the barn. Two horses left late last week and it's been very quiet there. I wished there was someone else there whom I could ask for advice!

I luckily bought pillow and stable wraps last month when I thought I was going to be moving Lucy, so I had those in my trunk. I didn't have any poultice but I had a bottle of Sore No More handy, so I slathered that all over her legs and wrapped her. On the way home from the barn I stopped in at Dover and bought a tub of poultice and some more pillow wraps so that I can change them tomorrow morning before work. I put a sign on her stall door saying she couldn't be turned out tomorrow, also.

Sorry for the bad cell phone picture!

I just hope it's nothing serious! I am taking it as a good sign that I couldn't find any heat or swelling.

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