Monday, March 29, 2010

Unexpected awesomeness

Yesterday I had the kind of ride I wasn't expecting, especially not after Princess Pony had a week off. She was lovely. So soft in the bridle, so happy, forward but not nuts, and for a moment there I forgot I was riding a green 4 yo.

We even schooled some lead changes. She got excited with the lead change thing but damn if I didn't land myself an awesome athletic non-crazy mare with natural auto lead changes. Thank you, God. I think a week of r&r was really good for her. She's also feeling much much better after being quite sore this week.

I am considering putting her up for half lease soon. It might be a little early but after yesterday's ride, she's definitely ready to start over some crossrails. I would probably do a 3 day/wk lease so that I could also ride 3x/week and she could have a day off. The leaser could take her over to Heritage if they wanted to show, there's the indoor, there's trails and fields, etc. I would have to vet people really carefully but I am optimistic. The good thing is that I don't need to lease her, but having the extra savings each month would be nice, at least until Kenny and I get married in September.

I also discovered that there's a network of trails on a town-owned land trust less than half a mile from the barn. In fact, I drive past it every day but haven't noticed it until this past week. Kenny and I stopped and read the sign that's at the trail head yesterday and I apparently need permission to ride on the trails, so I am emailing the necessary people today to see what the deal is. The trails look like they're really well-maintained, with access to streams and fields to ride through, too :D I can't wait to take Lucy there!

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