Thursday, March 25, 2010

just keepin' you on your toes, mum.

When the barn owner calls you in the middle of the day unexpectedly, it's rarely a good thing.

Lucy was looking much better when I went to check on her yesterday, so I decided she could be turned out today.

Here are some videos from yesterday:

Trotting her around to see how off she was.

Loving the barn kitty.

So anyway, the barn owner turned her out this morning and apparently my little princess pony is feeling feisty. There is a gelding that sometimes goes out next to her and they usually get along famously. They make lovey faces at each other and share hay through the fence. Today, though, Lucy was not having it and instead of sharing her hay, she decided to share her back legs. According to my barn owner, she ran backwards and then started double-barreling the fence that separated her and the gelding and quickly ended up with BOTH hind legs stuck between the top two boards of the fence. What a moron. I am so grateful that the barn owner was there and got her unstuck quickly. He called to tell me that she was going to be a very sore girl and was all scraped up, so we'll see what the damage is like when I get out of work.

What has gotten into my horse lately??


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