Friday, November 5, 2010

magical manners

I present:

Lucy, With Manners

This new-found good behaviour is a result of me getting REALLY fed up with being snapped at when I simply picked up a brush. I didn't even have to touch her with it, but if she saw it in my hand, watch out! here come the chompers. That is so not attractive, Lucy. So today instead of putting her on the crossties, I kept a leadline with a chain over her nose on her. As predicted, she snaked her head around and pinned her ears and went for me when I picked up the curry comb. Without pause or mercy, I backed her ass all the way up until there was no more aisle. She was shocked! Then we walked back to where the crossties are and I continued. She pinned her ears at me and once again I backed her up. For a third time, we walked to the crossties and I started to brush her. There was nary a pinned ear or a gnashing tooth. She was actually pleasant!!!

There is also a little bit of our groundwork at the end for you to see.

On top of it all, we actually had a pretty awesome ride.

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