Friday, November 19, 2010

not good news

My saddle doesn't fit L at all :( :( :(

It is the right sized tree, but the bottom edges of the panels are digging into her sides. Poor thing, no wonder she has been fresh!

I had the option of paying $300 to get the saddle flocked with wool, or I have to sell it and get something else. I chose to get a different saddle because I would never get my $300 back if I sold that saddle (it doesn't make it worth any more money) and honestly I'd rather sell it, and take that money and add $300 to it and get a nicer saddle.

This is just about the WORST time I could have gotten this news. Lucy's insurance is up on Monday and that's $600 to renew. Christmas is coming up. My car needs a service.

I am hoping I can sell my current saddle soon and get something that is around the same price to replace it.


  1. Yuck. Bad timing is right. It never fails, does it? It's always everything at once.

    What are your other options to get through till say, the first of the year? Can do you what SprinklerBandit is doing and get some bareback time in? Did your leaser's saddle fit? If so, could you use it?

  2. Yeah, very yucky indeed!

    I rode her in the western saddle today. It wasn't pretty (she sure isn't a western pleasure horse!) but I went on a trail ride that I had planned a week ago with someone and bareback isn't an option for those quite yet ;)

    My leaser's saddle fits her and she has offered to let me ride in it, which is really nice of her. I am going to try it out this week.

  3. That's good, it seems you have a couple of options in the mean time. Unbelievable as it is, the first of the year is only a few weeks away! lol

    Miss P turns into a regular saddle bronc with a western saddle, so I can appreciate the abnormality of it all, hehe.


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