Friday, November 19, 2010

sensitive girly

Recently Lucy has been showing small signs of discomfort when under saddle. Sometimes she will arch her back a little bit, sometimes she will crow-hop, and sometimes she will buck. With my saddle it hasn't been that bad and she always stretches down into the contact and loosens up through her back and hips once she has warmed up. On Tuesday with my leaser aboard, though, she was apparently very clear that she didn't want to be ridden the other day, so my leaser hopped off and put her away. She hasn't been ridden since (nice little vacation, huh?) because I wanted to have my saddle fitter come out and look at her. If he finds nothing wrong with the fit of my saddle and my leaser's saddle, then Lucy will have to suck it up and do some work, but I have a feeling that mine will need some adjustments since the last time I had it fitted to her was when she weighed 200 lbs less than she does now, and had no topline.

My leaser's saddle will also be looked at.

The strange thing is that Lucy doesn't react at all to me poking and prodding along her spine. If the issue is new enough that her back isn't sore all the time, that's great. I WANT to catch stuff early like this before it causes a bigger problem. Getting a saddle adjusted? no big deal, and it takes less than an hour. Getting a horse with a sore back feeling better? Takes more than an hour, often involves massage, takes time and money, etc.

I am waiting to hear back from my Chiro as I want him to look at her, too. I suspect she has some misalignment issues going on, possibly stemming from those two times she got her foot stuck in the damn fence while trying to kill the friendly gelding in the next paddock over...LUCY...

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