Saturday, November 27, 2010


The saddle search is dragging on and I am NOT enjoying myself! Lucy isn't either. I think she's a horse who really needs to do something with herself. She has been even nuttier than usual coming in from her paddock and she seems bored. I'm not that motivated to ride her bareback when she's acting like such a nutter, though, so her vacation will continue until I can find a saddle.

FYI, I'm looking for a 17" medium tree Pessoa A/O or something similar with long flaps in the $700 range. This is proving a tall order to fill, so it can't hurt mentioning the details here in case any of you know of one for sale.


  1. Have you tried looking at Trumbull Mountain? Might be a bit of a drive, but would definitely be worth it! They are the best and usually can help you get a good fit even if you can't bring your horse. I have purchased 3 saddles from them! Also, I would suggest looking at wool flocked saddles, a little harder to find in a close contact, but they are out there. That way if she changes shape, you have more to work with to help the saddle fit her better, instead of having to get a whole new saddle!

  2. Hi Leigh,
    Yes I am looking specifically for a wool flocked saddle (should have added that to the specs). My current saddle has foam panels and if it had wool panels, the issue would have taken ten minutes to fix. Very annoying.
    I have been looking everywhere, including Trumbull Mtn, but I haven't contacted them directly, just looked online at what they have.

  3. Try sending them an email and explain your situation (include pics of Lucy), they might be able to suggest some different makes/models that might work for you both!

  4. Trumbull Mountain is great. I had my last saddle on consignment there, and they helped me find my current saddle through County Saddlery. If Lucy is tough to fit, like Promise, try a County. I have a Symmetry, which they don't make anymore. But I really loved the Stabilizer, too.


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