Saturday, November 6, 2010

so fresh and so clean

Yet another great right tonight. Lucy was spooky outside and instead of fighting with her, we just rode in the indoor (god I love having an's been about ten years since I've had one to ride in and I LOVE it). Sometimes it's worth having an argument, and other times not. She was spooking at the neighbour clipping some bushes in her yard and she was wearing a white sweatshirt, which looked like a bobbing ghost from behind the bushes. I honestly couldn't blame L for spooking at it, so indoors we went.

And from there, she was really awesome. A bit of silliness here and there but with a firm "CUT IT OUT" she was back to business. We even went over a crossrail three times.

Before I rode, I lunged her and noticed that she is really learning voice commands well, which transfers nicely to her undersaddle work. As an experiment after the ride was basically over, I gave her a firm "WOAH" when we were walking to cool out, and she stopped immediately! COOL! :)

I am washing her LW sheet right now. It's the most adorable blue checkered sheet and it was so disgusting that people started commenting about it. I picked up some special washing detergent at Dover today that doesn't ruin the waterproof properties of the fabric and the sheet looks brand new now, so she can go back to licking Kenny's head in (clean) style like she did back in early spring of this year:

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