Thursday, March 31, 2011

excited to see tomorrow's gastroscope results

The big day is tomorrow!


Although, she has been abnormally awesome over the past two weeks, so who knows? She could have exhibited every sign and symptom under the sun for ulcers but then be completely ulcer-free. Honestly, this would not shock me!

BUT if she did have ulcers and we happened to treat her with a full course of GastroGard and then she magically transformed into a loving, sweet mare who LOVED to be brushed and didn't fret when I put my leg on her, that would be a-ok with me.

Tomorrow we will find out if I have a dual-personality mare who loves me one moment and wants to send me into orbit the next, or if she just needs a big of pharmaceutical help to feel better. I will love her either way.

I am also getting a lyme titre pulled, which was an idea brought on by her sudden spooking issues. She never used to spook like she has been doing, and I know lyme can manifest as extreme spookiness. Lyme may also explain the periodic attitude issues.

I called the vet a couple of days ago to get directions for tonight/tomorrow so that she can be prepared for the gastroscope, and I made this sign to hang on her stall door outlining the vet's instructions:

Poor horse, she's going to be very unhappy when she doesn't get her breakfast tomorrow.


  1. Exciting! And nerve-wracking! Can't wait to hear what the vet thinks.

  2. Good luck! Agree with Promise, can't wait to hear what the vet says!


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