Wednesday, March 30, 2011

expensive taste on a non-existent budget

There are certain products that I have always drooled over but yet never been able to justify actually purchasing them. If I suddenly found myself with a large excess of funding in my bank account, here's what I would buy:

FITS Jumpline BEKA Knee Patch Breeches. Ummm, YUMMY. They just look so nice and comfortable, and I have poured over all of the great reviews for them on various horsey websites. I love the contouring of them, I love the colours they come in, and I think my butt would look fabulous in a pair of them ;) Santa, are you listening?

Charles Owen Wellington Classic Riding Helmet, in grey. This helmet just looks so classy, and I think I could totally pull it off. I love the low profile look to it, and the harness looks simple but effective. I don't like harnesses that make more of a statement than the helmet does, and Charles Owen always seems to make great helmets with perfect harnesses.

Ariat Monaco Zip Field Boots. I am an Ariat girl. I don't care what kind of smack other people have to say, I have loved every one of my Ariat products and they have lasted well over the amount of time I'd expect them to. I am still using my paddock boots that I bought ten years ago. I strayed once and bought Tredstep half chaps but after three months returned them *yay Dover's awesome return policy* and got a pair of Ariats instead. I have the original pair of Ariat Challenge zip-up tall boots that I bought before going to college in 2004, and they do not see the light of day unless it's for a show or a lesson. BUT, the Monacos look soooooo sexy. I love the high Spanish gussets on the sides of them. I bet my lower leg would look about two miles long (as opposed to the 1 mile long they actually are). I go into Dover sometimes and stand and stare at the Ariat wall and drool over the Monacos. Some day I will have a pair! (ok probably not)

Irideon Passeio Full Seat Breeches. I LOVE Irideon breeches. They look great, wash fantastically, wear really well, don't make me want to peel my pants off and find the nearest lake when I'm riding in 95 degree weather, and they fit me really nicely. Right now I have a pair of fleece lined breeches and two pairs of the Issential riding tights. I would love to add a pair of Irideon breeches that would be acceptable in the show ring (you know, if we ever get there)!

Mattes Half Pad. I think just mentioning the name "Mattes" makes most of my horsey friends quiver with delight. I have a cheapie half pad that I can't actually use with my new saddle because it's too small. I would love to replace it with a high quality Mattes half pad because I love that the design allows for air circulation and wither relief, and they come in a large size. My saddle is only stamped as 16.5" (and actually measures 16") but for whatever reason, the edge of the seat sits right on the edge of the half pad, and that does not make for a happy mare. Plus, if I had a Matte's half pad, I would be able to entertain myself for hours just sitting there and holding its softness. Ok that sounds ridiculous, but they feel so nice!

Eco Gold's Secure Hunter/Jumper Pad. I only recently became familiar with this company through Facebook and then through their blog (which you can find here) but I was able to kill an entire boring afternoon at work browsing through their awesome inventory. I love their saddle pad designs, especially that their products don't have to give up stability to remain breathable. Plus, I love how supportive of their riders they are. Really a cool company.

SmartPak's Nantucket Fancy Stitch Hunter Bridle. I am actually really impressed by SmartPak's new line of bridles that they recently unveiled. They are super quality and really lovely. I think Lucy's dishy face would look so nice in this bridle, and I feel like we should look our very best for our debut show this summer.

Rhino Wug HW Turnout. I know, I know! The cold weather is finally retreating, so why am I putting this blanket on my wishlist? Well, it's New England and it will inevitably get cold again :) I love this blanket, I think it is just so cute, especially the pattern, and I love the way the chest straps criss-cross because it means the blanket is easy to take on and off and I don't have to fiddle with buckles! I also love the high-neck design.

Alright, enough virtual shopping for me :) What would you buy?


  1. I think about half of my wants are listed above! I'm in the same situation - a want list a mile long yet no way I'd ever be able to afford it all. Personally I would love an Antares breastplate and a Smartpak Wellington Leather Halter as well as a Essix Wrap Collar show shirt :)

  2. Haha.... I've been thinking of doing this very post on my blog. Items are different, but that's the fun of it, right?

  3. TBA, you're a woman after my own heart :) I do love expensive leather, especially FRENCH expensive leather.

    Sprinkler, you should do it! Izzy needs a new wardrobe.

    I forgot to list Lucy's future chariot, a brand new 3 horse (although I wouldn't argue if someone wanted to give me a 2H) slant load step up Hawk trailer.

  4. I love the look of FIT breeches. I even went to a tack store that is a fair distance from me because they carry the brand and I wanted to try a pair on. You know, just see if they look as fab as I think they would. Of course, they didn't have any on hand. AARGH. And Ariat has a new tall dressage boot out that is very cool looking. I think probably too "fun" for show but look awesome and comfy. If I endless funds, I'd get a pair for sure.

  5. I have similar lists... for me, it's the Smartpak Wellfleet padded fancy stitch bridle, and padded fancy stitch halter, the Charles Owen AYR8 helmet, and a Clothes Horse Wool Cooler. These are things I will probably never purchase. But I want. So much. I hear you on the budget/wish list crisis. Those two things just never coordinate with each other.

  6. Great list! But if you do fall into a mess of money and buy buy buy, be mindful of the Rhino's fit. I finally sprang for one this fall, and it was way too tight in the shoulders. If you look at the model on your link, you can see it's even a little tight on that horse.

  7. Terry, thanks for the heads up, I had no idea! I will make sure to measure really well and thankfully Dover is very good about returns if it doesn't fit. :) The Dover brand blankets actually fit her best, though I got her a HW Weatherbeeta this winter and I like the way that fits, too.

    Annette, I have seen the new Ariat tall boots. They are really cool looking though I am too much of a traditionalist to wear them in the show ring. I think they would look awesome out on an XC course, though!

    Marissa, I really like SP's halters also. I just bought L a replacement halter this week from a company called Danzig Brothers. Their halters look really pretty and are well-made, and I got L's for $59 with a nameplate included. I will let you know how it looks because that's a much better deal than SP's fancy halters.

  8. I dont know whether to a half wool or full wool pad for my horse, I dont do much jumping but i help my dad get his cattle in some times mostly i go on cross country walks on trails and road. I only ask cause one of my trainers said the pad im using now makes the horse to hot, do you think i should replace it???

  9. Hi Nina, do you ride English or Western?

    If you ride English, a simple all-purpose quilted saddle pad will probably be your best bet. A full wool pad will trap in a lot of heat and they're really difficult to clean. Fleece half pads are great to let the horses back breathe but only if they are used by themselves, and not on top of another pad. The only problem with that is the pad gets sweaty and dirty and you have to use Melp (special detergent) to clean them, so they're kind of a PITA. That's why I suggested just using a regular cotton quilted pad that can be tossed in the washing machine when it gets dirty like regular clothes.

    The reality is that your horse will sweat under the saddle when it is hot no matter what. A horse expends most of its excess heat through its chest and neck, so if its back gets sweaty that's not bad for it as long as you cool the horse out properly after you're done riding.

    I hope that helps!


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