Friday, March 18, 2011

gastroscope and barn drama

I have scheduled a gastroscope for Lucy on April 1st. I had to wait til my tax return came in, since this vet bill is going to be between $400 and $2000, and I will need to pay it out of pocket and then the insurance company will reimburse me.

Speaking of insurance companies, I have got to give Great American some kudos. This is my first experience making a claim with them. I called them yesterday to get the ball rolling on the paperwork. I spoke to a claims rep who happily explained the whole process for me. They asked me a few questions about Lucy, and explained that she needed to fax a questionnaire to my vet to fill out. Once he returned the questionnaire and they receive a copy of the bill, they will cut me a cheque. It's really that easy! Later in the afternoon, the inurance adjuster who was assigned to my claim called me to go over more specifics. She was very nice, and explained that if Lucy ends up having ulcers, they will pay for 60, yes, SIXTY days of GastroGard. They will also pay to re-scope her if the vet recommends it. If he re-scopes her and finds that the ulcers haven't healed, they will cover continued treatment.

The scope by itself costs $400, and 30 days of GastroGard runs around $1000. The second 30 days are partial doses (i.e. not a full tube) so I'm expecting those to cost around $500.

Long story short: YAY FOR INSURANCE.

I'm not sure if the long winter finally went to peoples' heads, or if true colours are simply showing themselves, but the drama level lately has been ridiculous. Lots of cattiness, nasty remarks behind backs, and unnecessary digs. I am hoping that since the outdoor finally opened this week and we have had a few nice days, people can cheer up and stop attacking each other and instead, enjoy their horses.


  1. I hate barn drama. No matter how big or small.

    I've learned my lesson on horse insurance...if I ever have another after Promise, I will definitely be getting it. Even at 17, I could insure her, but they would pretty much cover everything BUT the right hind, so it's kind of pointless, lol.

    Good luck with the scope...hopefully they find something, since it's treatable and would explain an awful lot, huh? :)

  2. Kate, I had Paj scoped in late January, and sure enough, he had ulcers right where the esophagus meets the stomach. The good news is that GastroGard was like a miracle for him. We only had to do half a tube for 14 days, and before the treatment was even over, he was fantastically better. Yes, it's $$$$$, but it was the most effective drug I've ever used.

  3. Thanks guys! I am secretly hoping she does have ulcers. That probably sounds terrible, but if she has them and is treated successfully, maybe (just maybe!) some of her attitude will go away. I've heard about horses completely changing for the better when treated for ulcers. The cost doesn't matter to me, it's going to cost me $250 (my insurance deductible) whether or not she has them, but at least we will know for sure and if she has them, she will get the proper treatment. Terry that is so awesome that the treatment was super effective for Paj :) I will keep everyone updated!

  4. Barn drama sucks...i just dont get it. People doing the same thing, loving the same animal, but causes so much b.s.
    I hear your reasoning on the ulcers, hopefully you find something that makes sense to her 'attitude' other than her flair. :)


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