Wednesday, March 23, 2011

fantastic lesson

Yesterday was the last lesson in the group of lessons that I purchased with my birthday money back in February. The major themes in the lessons so far had been rhythm, relaxation, softness, inside leg to outside hand, and introducing a bend. I had struggled to put it all together but finally got it right at the tail end of my lesson last week, but I was really hoping to solidify our work in yesterday's lesson. I am so pleased with Lucy because we had a few "mare moments" but we got some lovely canter work. We focused a lot on transitions and we had a few nice trot walk transitions off of my seat, which is HUGE for her.

Here are two videos:

And some stills:

(hey, it just wouldn't be a ride on Lucy unless we had some sass)


  1. Good for you! She looks really lovely when she relaxes.

  2. Those are some gorgeous shots of her (and I can totally forgive the last two)! I agree, when she is soft and forward she is just lovely!

  3. ooofff relaxed pony=awesome!
    Her kick outs are funny but that tail swishing/pinning ears, etc....something must be up. Once it's pegged, I'm thinking she'll be much more relaxed. :)

  4. She is a cute mover even with the sass! The kick outs are pretty funny (surely just from the viewing side) they are so fast and then she just kinda goes back to doing what she was doing. You look good on her!

  5. Thanks everyone!! I was so happy with theprgress we made. Even the outbursts were minor compared to those we were having a month ago.

    Kristen, I totally agree. I don't know what I'll do if the vet doesn't find ulcers next Friday. I guess I'll have to accept that I managed to buy the mare-iest mare ever lol. Let's hope there are ulcers!

    Ashley, the "ignore and move forward" approach to her protests has done wonders. It is no longer the Lucy Show, and we actually get things accomplished instead of fighting.


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