Saturday, March 5, 2011

it feels like spring :D

Since our lesson on Tuesday, we have kind of been slacking. Lucy's leaser rode her on Wednesday and reported that she was an "angel" (I was like, what?! my horse?! WOW). On Thursday I lunged her in side reins and she was really very good. Last night I had a quick ride and she was so happy and relaxed! I loved it! She was moving very hunter-y, long and low and swinging through her hips. She wanted her nose slightly beyond the vertical and we had zero issues (no bucking, no kicking out, even very minimal mare ears). I was really pleased with her. It was what I'd call an "easy hack".

Today I went on a nice trail ride with some girls from the barn. It was 48 degrees and sunny and when I got to the barn, all the horses were basking in the warm rays.

Lucy was sooo happy to get out on the trails and she even behaved herself, despite some 30mph wind gusts and idiot drivers. Here are some photos:

I was not colour matching very well today...purple SMB boots, checkered breeches, peach saddle pad, green jacket. And to think I have an art degree...scary!

Meg riding Mina :)

My pretty girl. Check out her neck! It is really developing nicely!


  1. nice..getting out of arena helps so much. I have to do it more! Lucy is such a pretty pretty girl


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