Friday, April 22, 2011

amazing ride

I am thrilled with Lucy after today's ride. She started out great, but once we got to the canter she got a little bit stupid. I brought her back, tried again, and she persisted with the leaping around nonsense. I got off and lunged her and boy oh boy did she have a lot of pent up energy! I think she felt much better after she had a chance to get that all out of her system. When I got back on, she was a totally different horse: so easygoing, happy, etc. It was wonderful! We even did some crossrails!

Here's a video:

My friend Claire was recording for me while she was holding her horse, Boe. Somewhere in the middle of the ride he got a bit bored and decided to have a roll, fully tacked-up!!!

Here are some stills from the jumps:

I have always struggled with my jumping position and I have got to say that I am really pleased with how well I was able to keep it together today :)

And we also took condition photos today:


  1. You might want to try shortening your stirrups a hole or two for jumping, they look a touch too long to me, and that might make things easier. You look very strong and supportive though, for someone who claims to struggle!

    Lucy is so shiny and pretty!

  2. Lucy looks fantastic! The video of Boe rolling is hilarious :)

  3. Lucy says "thank you" for all the compliments :) She thinks she is quite gorgeous too ;) ;)

    If the fences were going to go any higher I would have put my stirrups up (and truthfully I could have put them up for today) but I feel more comfortable with my legs long and under me than having my stirrups cranked up because if anything goes wrong I want to have that solid base of support. So that was my thinking yesterday, but she was so incredibly good that I think both of us had a confidence boost and I will feel comfortable both raising the fences *and* my stirrups in the future :)

  4. Oh yeah, makes perfect sense. It's funny how people get so used to a certain length of stirrup. I'm the opposite, I've actually been riding my horse in short jumping length stirrups because that is what feels safest to me. I don't like that feeling of reaching for your stirrup which is what long stirrups feels like to me (read: no dressage background).


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