Tuesday, April 26, 2011

exciting news

I have mentioned here that I will be traveling to Rolex Kentucky this weekend. I am SO excited! But what I haven't revealed until today is that I will be a part of the Social Media Crew for ECOGOLD, a company that is sponsoring a few of the riders. Let's just say this week at work is going VERY slowly for me because I cannot wait to get out of here! ECOGOLD has a website, a blog, and a Facebook - check them out!

Here's the blog post that introduces me along with some of the other members of the SMC :)

In other exciting news, I am going to be interviewed today for Off-Track Thoroughbreds, which is a fantastic blog that is devoted to promoting OTTB's through sharing stories of success. I read through about five pages of stories that are already on there last night to get a feel for the kind of information they are looking for, because I was worried that Lucy hasn't officially shown yet. However, I reasoned with myself that "success" is not all about ribbons. So far with Lucy I have had many successes, and though none of them have included beating the socks off the fancy warmbloods *YET*, they are equally as important. I think the most challenging but worthwhile one was getting her healthy and feeling better. I will post the link here when the interview is published! I told Lucy about it and she was like, "Well DUH mom, of course I'm famous." And then she demanded an apple. What a piece of work that horse is!!


  1. That is awesome news!! I can't wait to see all your footage! I am following that blog now and hope to see some good pics out of the SMC :).
    Try to get some good ones of Jess Hampf!!

  2. Awesome!! Do you get any ecogold swag? Their stuff looks cool, but I haven't actually managed to bring any home yet.

  3. I would basically kill for one of their XC pads and a set of their XC boots (the ones you can take an axe to without any damage to the leg). I don't think I'll walk away with any free stuff (though I'm not totally sure) but it's exciting just to get the chance to share my Rolex experience with others via the EG Facebook page.

  4. Wow, that's so awesome! Can't wait to hear all about Rolex!

  5. SO awesome. I'm excited for you! What a great opportunity and a lovely intro :)


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