Monday, April 25, 2011

Reflections on yesterday

My saddle was my main concern last night. It was soaked with salt water and covered in sand. When I took a good look at it once I was at home, I kind of wanted to cry. My lovely Stubben looked like crap.

Last night was like a spa night for the saddle to make up for almost sinking it in a watery grave. I first loaded up a soft sponge with a lot of Tattersall soap and went to town on every square inch of the saddle, including under the flaps, the panels, the billets, and of course the seat. I wiped the soap off and repeated that process to make sure I got all the salt off. While the leather was still a bit damp, I coated it in Stubben's magical Hamanol. I had surveyed all of my various leather care products to plan my attack, and I decided that was probably the best bet. I let the saddle sit and soak in the Hamanol all night and this morning when I got up for work, I breathed a sigh of relief because it looked like new. Not only that, but it got a bit darker from the whole ordeal, which is an unexpected but welcome result!

This morning, I checked on Lucy before work. She was covered from ears to tail in mud, she had a smug look on her little face and overall she seemed just fine. I made sure she had enough bug spray on and put her fly mask on so she'd be protected from the bugs, which are already horrible this year, probably no thanks to all of the rain that we had this spring.

I am quite sore today but then again my horse did basically sit on my head.

My camera is still in the bag of rice. If that ever works again it will be a miracle, but I am not going to lose hope ;)

This week is going to fly by because on Friday at 5am we are leaving for Rolex! I am very much looking forward to a little vacation.


  1. So glad your saddle seems to be ok!!

  2. The beach pics - priceless! Lucy and you taking a least you have picture proof :) Glad you are both ok.

  3. Having dunked my saddle multiple times and sunken it in the swamp once, I'll say that leather tends to bounce back better than ever with proper care. Did not, however, realize that your camera was involved. Eep.

    I've decided on a portrait of Herbie, btw. Should I email you the guest blog entry when I'm ready? Is there a dead line?

  4. Yeah not the big camera (thank GOD), but my small Nikon point and shoot, which I loved dearly because I could take it anywhere in my purse and I didn't have to lug the DSLR around all the time.

    Awesome choice! Just email me whatever photo you want me to do.

    No deadline for the blog, whenever you get around to it is fine with me.


  5. I use the waterproof/shock resistant Olympus point and shoot and would HIGHLY recommend it if you need a replacement.

    Does this photo work?

  6. Kenny has an Olympus that is also "water proof" and it filled itself up with water on our honeymoon and is now ruined. I was never happy with the photos it took anyway. I don't have any money to replace the Nikon if it is in fact dead so I am remaining optimistic that it will magically work when I turn it on :)

    Great photo - that will translate really well to a portrait :) I will start on that sometime next week after I get back from Rolex.

  7. I wonder which one he has. I've dunked it repeatedly and dropped it off Oz a few times. The screen is scratched, but it works like a charm.

    I'm excited to see what you come up with. I've always loved your work :)

  8. His worked great for a while; we took it to the beach numerous times here in RI and we've taken it in pools, but for some reason it failed while we were in Hawaii.

  9. "I am quite sore today but then again my horse did basically sit on my head."

    It's bad that you fell but the way you phrased that made me lol.

    Btw Lucy looked stunning in the beach pics!


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