Thursday, April 28, 2011

Article about Lucy and I

Off-Track Thoroughbreds' author Susan Salk has published the most wonderful article about Lucy and I. Here's the link to it, and if you have an OTTB and would like to share your story, Susan is always looking for new subjects to write about! :)

My preparations for Rolex are winding down, meaning I have spent all afternoon zipping around town running errands, after a full day at work and then going to do Lucy's stall. Did I mention that we have had super high winds and terrible rain all day? That's what we get for enjoying those lovely warm days earlier in the week, I guess!

Tomorrow is Lucy's last day of GastroGard and my wonderful leaser is going to give it to L, but I thought I'd get some video to show just how awesome she is about the medicine. Battling with her daily would have not been fun and I am so thankful that she is tolerant of daily medicine administration. I think this is a trait of OTTB's because they are constantly being poked and prodded at the track. From day 1 Lu has been fantastic about receiving any veterinary attention, and she happily gobbles down powdered bute when it's necessary in her grain (along with any vitamins or other supplements). Just another reason to love these Thoroughbreds!

Here's the video (and please ignore my wild hair):


  1. OTTB's are the best that way, huh? My old OTTB gelding was the same, happy for me (or vet or dentist or anyone really) to poke and prod and stick things in him.

  2. Reason #6,894 why I love OTTB's! I was told that my monster was the best behaved for vet and farrier at my old barn. He came with a features that were "build in" which was great for me! One of my favorite features is that he loves bath time, I've never had a horse who actually tolerates bath time!

    also, beautiful article by the way! I just love reading sucess stories about OTTB's and the people who love them!

  3. That article was beautiful! Lucy is so lucky to have you.

    Have fun at Rolex!! Take lots of pictures!

  4. Another awesome OTTB trait - hops on the trailer without any drama!
    Love the article - there is a special place in Heaven for those who rescue a retired racer :)

  5. Kate,
    Thank you for the mention! I loved your story about Lucy.
    Good luck at Rolex!


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