Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ok friends, here you have it: The Just for the Hell of It Contest!

Here's how it works: You pick three posts that I have written. Take the titles of each post, and use them to write a little story (it can be totally fictional!) about Lucy. It could be a story about what Lucy would be like if she were human, if she and your horse met and fell in love, or really anything...the possibilities are endless. Then link to the specific posts so that everyone can read your favourite posts.

Here's a little tip: on the right-hand side of the blog, the Blog Archive lists all of the entries by year and month. If you expand them all, you can easily see the titles of the entries, which should make it fairly easy to pick three good ones.

Here's an example:

I had a dream last night, in which Lucy had a very clean mouth, and not the dirty one she had over the winter that was spewing out lots of foul horsey language when she had a "Mare Moment" (or five). A tail swish here, a four letter word tossed back at me (ears!) as she disagreed with my leg being where it , or that time we were quietly cantering around the ring when she decided that nonsense was boring, and then we were flying! Oh that was so much fun...NOT! But through it all, even though I don't think she'll ever be a mare without an opinion (because let's face it, then she'd be a gelding!), I do appreciate her quirks, and I love my mare!

Posts I referenced:

And Then We Were Flying!

In Which Lucy Has A Very Clean Mouth

I Love My Horse!


So the winner will get his or her choice of:

a) a 5x7" original graphite portrait drawn of his or her animal (sorry kids, it has to be an animal; I DESPISE drawing people). If you are a horsey person and have a horse, great! If not, you could have a portrait of your cat/dog/ferret/gecko/whatever. As long as it is not human, I'm game!


b) a custom designed logo for their blog!

The winner will also have the opportunity to do a guest blog here about anything they choose, in which they can of course link back to their blog!

AND we will have a second place winner! (I know, so fabulous!!), and THAT lucky person will receive a little trinket from Rolex! I have no idea what will be available there but I can assure you whatever I choose for you will be awesome, so do not fret, second place winner!

The first place winner and second place winner will be randomly drawn from a hat. You may enter only one story, BUT you can get an additional entry by posting about this contest on your blog, and linking me to it.

Entries must be posted as a comment here so that I can keep track of them.

The contest ends on Sunday, 4/24, at midnight. I will post the winners on Monday, 4/25.

Have fun, get creative (think of it like a crazy game of Mad Libs!) and good luck!


  1. I am SO excited about this contest - what a great idea!! I'm already thinking, lol! I'm also pondering doing something similar on my own blog. Hmm.

  2. Fun! I'm going to put some thought into this...

  3. Here goes nothing!

    Lucy arrived in Alabama because she wanted to speak to Ella about her "new foal!". She told Ella "I have a "fantastic lesson" for you. Your baby is going to be one crazy little rascal and when it comes time for your mommy to ride her she is going to need your help. You see, I showed my mom one time that "road rash sucks." I have a feeling that you're little baby is going to teach your momma this same lesson. You need to teach your little one to be "such a lady" because I know your momma doesn't want to learn "the beauty of flight." Take care and continue to be "silly horses!" " And with that, Lucy was swept away back to Rhode Island.

  4. By the way, are you going to be at Rolex too??

  5. haha, excellent entry Ashley! I loved it. Yes I will be at Rolex, I am so excited! I'm going with two friends and driving from RI to KY on Friday and then returning home on Monday. We'll be there for XC and SJ and I can't WAIT!

  6. Hi, my name is Lucy, and I am going to tell you a little bit about myself. I am four years old, and I think I'm pretty cute when I stare at myself in the mirror. I have a delicate little stripe on my face and three dainty white socks that match the snow in the winter time. I LOVE winter time. I think it's my favorite season because when it's cold, I feel a little crazy like I could buck and play for hours and hours and days and weeks and years. I really love to gallop around in the "fresh powder" with my mom.

    After a while, the snow goes away, which makes me a little sad. But when "it feels like spring," I still feel a little sassy! Sometimes the warmer weather makes me even more excited than the cold - plus if there aren't a lot of puddles around, mom will set up jumps and I'm pretty sure jumps are even better than all carrots and mash she gives me! So we go around and around and around "and then we're flying" over the jumps like I have wings! Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I want to be a pegasus when I grow up...

  7. I'm going too!! We'll be there Wednesday thru Sunday! I'm so excited too! :-)

  8. Well this is a little summary of Lucy's "Eventful Sunday" that she had this past weekend. She decided to channel her "Inner Houdini" and let herself out of the stall door that was open just the teeniest crack. She took off, and took it upon herself to really "move forward" across some apparently "wasted space" beside the barn. It was a long grassy straight and Lucy ran, tossing her head and kicking up her heels having a grand old time despite all her naughty actions :)

  9. I sort of broke the 3 posts rule, but I was having way too much fun to stop! Here it is:

    "Hello, are you there?" Sometimes I want to ask this to my Mom when she is "trying my patience." You see, I am a young former racehorse trying to learn a new job. I try very hard to be good, but sometimes it's hard when I'm "feeling fresh" or having a "crazy week." I think things like "Indoor = giant playpen" or "fences: just a suggestion" and then I have to remember "how to be a lady."

    Sometimes I try to do nice things for my Mom but it just gets me in trouble, like the time I broke my halter so she could have fun telling everyone about "Lucy's new halter from Danzig Bros, LLC." Or the time "in which Lucy has a very clean mouth" because I ate the "yummy" horse treats my Mom gave me and then was called a "naughty horse". It's enough to show "how to melt your baby thoroughbred's mind!"

    However I've learned that "sometimes you just have to compromise" and we have made "progress"! We've had some "*wonderful rides* and are "moving forward." Best of all we have become "friends" and my Mom is able to say "I love my horse x 1,000,000!"

  10. hahahahaha Jessica you have me laughing so hard! Excellent entry!!! You guys are all so clever, I love it!

  11. Haha, ok here's mine. Also I made a post back at my blog that you can see here:

    Today I decided to find out “how to melt your baby thoroughbred’s brain”. “Pony torture” is a very specialized field and it takes talent to do it properly. First, you should consider taking your horse for “a jaunt in the field” and introduce them to lots of scary things. After they settle down, it’s important to make them work on something very difficult, which they cannot process properly because, well, they’re OUTSIDE where there is GRASS! But they aren’t allowed to eat it of course. Your “bag of tricks” must also include giving your horse a bath after the very strenuous ride and then making them stand still for a long and thorough grooming. After all of this, your horse’s brain is probably quite melted by now, so you should make sure to counteract that by giving your horse some much needed treats and turnout on the pasture. I would say that was quite a “success” in learning the fine art of pony torture!

  12. oh my goodness!!!! I just wrote this whole long story and my stupid browser closed.... ugh. I even had it copied in case that happened but I had just copied one last title for the ending so it would be exactly the same! what a bummer.....Let me just try to do this again... lol

    It was a surprisingly cool May morning, 'houdini', aka lucy, was out in the foggy pasture nibbling on some tall grass. Her halter was gone again!! She heard my whistle... she looked around making sure she hid her halter well enough... 'ugh... mares'!! I whistled once more and she gave me 'frustrated' look. It was 7 am and she knew that. Lucky for her I have more than 1 halter! I led her to the arena and told her that we had to get to work! This 'impromptu show' could be BIG! We would be the champions! 'After bathtime' and 'bug defense 101' we headed to the arena, saddle and all. I want today to be a '*wonderful* ride' lucy! Well, the moment I sat on her back she flew to the middle of the ring, feeling 'so fresh and so clean', I pulled back and said Woah! She gave me a look that said 'just keepin' you on your toes, mum!' We warmed up in the arena and what 'a pleasant surprise', Lucy was being showing everyone exactly 'how to be a lady'! Our 1st class started in one hour, so I started to cool Lucy down and wait.
    ...'pause/fast forward to tomorrow'....
    That championship ribbon looks amazing on your stall lucy!!! I can't believe the 'magical manners' you had... you just had to win it all! Next time maybe we can have some 'fun over fences' and some more 'unexpected awesomeness'!! Sometimes I wonder 'why did I get a mare?', but now I know... because she's the best! 'I love my horse x 1,000,000'!!!

  13. Woops! Lots of typos! oh well!

    I just went back and read all the others! so funny! I love the pegasus thought! haha

    And I didn't even realize that mine and Jessica's ended alike!

    This was a great I idea! Thanks for the laughs everyone!

  14. Well, today wound up being a very eventful Sunday! I was walking through Kate's barn when I heard a whisper from Lucy's stall.

    "Psst. Psst! Hey, Dom!"

    I whirled around, looking for the owner of the voice. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be Lucy herself!!

    "Mom's not here, we should go for a ride!"

    I tried arguing with the mare, but I'd been dying to get on her for over a year, and she had some persuasive arguments. When she mentioned a magical grove in the woods behind the barn, I just couldn't resist.

    Half an hour later, we came upon the edge of the hidden fairy land. Twinkling lights and pipe music came from deep within, but 'no trespassing' signs were pinned on all the tress.

    "Lu, I don't think this is a good idea," I told the elegant mare.
    "Don't be silly. Nobody will ever know," she argued, with a toss of her head. "Besides, I can out run them and you know it!"

    Lucy was right, of course. Besides, it really seemed like wasted space... all these winding trails and no horses to explore them? I wouldn't have it.

    Lulu and I had a blast winding through the forest until an ugly and cranky troll jumped out in front of us, shouting about how we didn't belong in his domain.

    "Can't you creatures READ?" he bellowed and he lunged at Lucy.

    Well, I'll tell you, Lucy wasn't kidding about being able to out run him! She dug deep and ran faster than she ever did at the track (which she assures me is very impressive).

    Unfortunately, you can't out run magic and it wasn't long before we found ourselves teleported, tack and all, to a grandly decorated court room inside a large oak tree. The ugly troll was at the judge's stand. Thankfully, Lucy was allowed a jury of her peers... sort of. Rows and rows of gleaming white unicorns sat along the walls, waiting to hear our end of the story.

    And the verdict is...

    Lucy is much too pretty to be punished. In fact, she was made an honorary member of the unicorn clan.

    Kate is going to be so excited when Lucy shows her the new 'trails'. Or really mad, I'm not sure...


  15. LOL Dom...that is awesome, and for the record I'd be impressed more than anything else!


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