Wednesday, October 12, 2011

pony ride pony

One of my coworkers celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. Last week, she asked me what kind of stuff she had to have to ride a horse. We talked about boots with a heel, long pants, and a helmet. Then she looked at me and asked me where my horse lived. "Do you want to ride my horse for your birthday?" I asked her. "YES!" she replied. So we made it an office pony ride party (there's only four of us in the office, including me), and Lucy was the chosen steed. Everyone came dressed to work in their best equestrian-themed outfit. I bought the birthday girl a pink sparkly crop at Dover, not that she'd need it for Lucy, but it completed her equestrian outfit. One of my coworkers supplied homemade cupcakes, and the other brought cheese, crackers, and champagne.

Lucy was pretty tolerant. I tacked her up with the Western saddle and hopped on to give everyone a crash course in how to steer and sit. Then each girl took turns getting a leg up and riding around for a bit, with me leading Lucy.

Birthday girl aboard.
Coworker #2 putting her super cute boots to good use.
Showing coworker #3 how to hold the reins properly.


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