Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shameless plug - please vote for me!

Tredstep is running a Facebook contest to win a pair of half chaps. I posted a photo of Cairo, Lucy and I and we are in second place. If you have time and wouldn't mind, please like my photo on Tredstep's page! I would be thrilled to win the new half chaps and after this week, it would be a really nice change. My tall boots broke, then my washing machine self-destructed and flooded my basement and we had to purchase a new one today (NOT in the budget this month but what can you do?!), and then today my Mazda once again failed at life after it just got $5,000 worth of repairs (new transmission, new clutch) a few months ago and is going to have to be towed to the garage tomorrow. I could really use some good luck.

Link to Tredstep's page (scroll down to see my photo)

Direct link to my photo

Thank you!!


  1. Done! I reaaaaalllly hope you win! Keep us posted! Sorry 'bout your gloomy luck this week...there's always sun after the rain!

  2. I'm trying, but I'm having trouble logging in. Will try again later. It's a grand photo.


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