Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lucy the beauty queen

I ran some errands the other day at WalMart. For Cairo I bought a new squeaky toy that she removed the stuffing from with surgical precision in less than 15 minutes. For Lucy I bought a hair dryer and an extension cord.

It's getting cold enough here that if she's hot and sweaty, I can't hose her off and I certainly can't leave her damp in her stall. She cools out much faster than she dries, even wearing an absorbent cooler.

Enter the hair dryer:

My friend Cinnamon rode Lu last night because I was teaching Dreamer and C a lesson and I am not very good at riding and teaching at the same time. Cinnamon had a great ride and even popped over a few jumps on Lucy.

Lucy was really hot and really sweaty after the ride because it was abnormally warm last night (in the mid 60's at 6pm) and Lu has her winter coat. The temperature started to drop as soon as the ride was finished, though, and I was nervous putting Lucy away even a bit damp.

I brought out the hair dryer and Cinnamon got to work:

Lucy says, "I'm not totally sure about this...but I will check it out."

And then Lucy started really enjoying it. Cinnamon even put the hair dryer
on Lucy's face and her bangs blew around and Lucy closed her eyes and breathed
in a deep sigh. She was loving it. She cracks me up. See, it's nice to be pampered :)
The horse was dry and cozy in no time flat, and she went in her stall to have her dinner.


  1. Do you paint western saddle pads?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. They are the cutest fluff balls after you blow dry them! I love it!! Let me know if Lucy yawns a lot after she gets blown dry. Poppy yawned like a mad man for hours after & Ive been told thats a sign of anxiety. Whoops!

    [sorry this is my first comment in forever! Ive been reading all my blogs at work but it doesn't allow me to comment :(]

  4. Oh, she's a TRUE girlie girl :) Btw her canter just eats up the ground..she's a fast filly!

  5. Lucy is looking great. Love the video, she has a great canter :)!
    lol, I think Ritchie would totally freak at the hair dryer.

  6. Ashley, yes she was yawning a lot too! But yawning is a release of tension (i.e. sign of relaxation), not a sign of stress or anxiety. After she gets adjusted by the chiro she also yawns because all of the tension has been released. It's funny that the hair dryer causes her to do the same thing :)


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