Friday, February 15, 2013

happy little Friday ride

On Monday I puttered about the indoor on Lucy, practicing some very low key things and just enjoying her in general. Then she had Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off because this week was nuts and life took over all of my spare time!

Today I went out to ride after work and I almost got on without lunging, then at the last second decided to send her out on a lunge line just in case.

She proceeded to GALLOP for 20 minutes.

Bucks, squeals, calamity in general. I am very glad I lunged!!!

When she settled down, I hopped on and we had a lovely ride. I think I will try to set up some little jumps tomorrow and see how she does.

Kenny and Cairo came by the barn while they were out for a run. I love that he comes and visits Lucy just to feed her a peppermint :)


  1. Pony hubby love is the best! ... Not that I know...

  2. Awww it's so sweet that he comes just to give her peppermints love this! Bet that you are sooo glad that you lunged her :)


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