Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Couch of Death

Maddy and I went on another trail ride today.

Let me pause to recognize a growing trend: newfound confidence on trails = NO MORE RING WORK. Both Lucy and I are happy with this change.

Ok, back to the story.

So we were out traipsing around the woods when we came across a couch. On the side of the trail. In the woods. In the middle of winter. In New England.

Um, weird.

This couch has been there for a month or two but this was the first time Lucy and the roly poly Arab Pretty had seen it. Both horses were beside themselves with fear and each exhibited not-fun reactions, like blowing up backwards, spooking repeatedly, snorting, and generally acting like asses about it.

(For the record, the first time Cairo and I walked past it on a hike, she was like, Huh, there's a couch. Carry on!)

Neither of us could get our horses up close to this thing so Maddy hopped off and lead Pretty up to the couch.

After a minute or so, Pretty seemed to accept the couch so I tried to get Lucy to walk up to it. She carried on being an ass so I also hopped off and lead her up to it. She really, really did not want to get close to this couch but I persuaded her that it wasn't bad, and this is how I did it:


Then I put a cookie on the couch and made her eat the cookie off the couch. Obviously, a cookie dispensing couch can't be all THAT evil.

"right there! do you see it?"

after much deliberation, she ate the cookie
This was a day none of us will forget!


  1. So cute, my ottb mare learned what a green plastic chair was yesterday:)

  2. It's amazing what people can drag out to the woods. Lucy is adorable, glad she got over her fear of it. And I noticed I spelt her name as Lucky in my last comment...I do that everytime and I have no idea why...

  3. Well there you have the difference between a prey animal and a predator. :P.

    I too HATE ring work. (notice I never blog about that? It's cause we never do it anymore! Lol). Trail riding is so much fun and fulfilling.

    I love your trails! They're gonna look a lot different after's already snowing here.

  4. Hilarious! Don't you love how horses will casually look at deer bolting through the woods and then completely loose it when they see an inanimate object like a couch?

  5. Love the video, reaction sounds and looks like something my Kika would do - he expressions are priceless!
    Came across your blog thanks to Hillary & love the Shaming contest idea!
    Lucy is gorgeous - enjoy the trail rides! I cannot wait to get abck out into the woods if only the snow & ice would sod off I could!

  6. Why not a couch in the woods, I want to see you jumping that by the end of the summer! Lol

    Great job

  7. Lol, how much more effort did someone have to take to dump it there instead of just finding a dumpster? Lucy did well considering the number of couch related deaths horses have ;)

  8. I came across this couch of death encounter when it was re-posted on Horse Junkies United. I have since spent waaaay to much time reading older entries of your blog:) What a great blog- such nice writing and great photos and videos!! (Not to mention the gorgeous horse and great riding!) Looking forward to reading more!

  9. She has the twitchiest ears I've ever seen! Love that she trusted you enough to grab the cookies, and I'm so pleased you're enjoying the trails with her.


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