Saturday, February 2, 2013

out for a hike

Today is the last full day to submit your entries for the horse shaming contest. I KNOW there must be more people with naughty horses. Email me your submissions (axford.k AT I've replied to everyone whom I got a photo from, so if you haven't received confirmation that I got your entry, it got lost somewhere in cyberspace.

Yesterday I was pretty wiped after a long week at work, so I opted not to ride and instead Lucy and I went on a long hike through the woods. We went down to the bridges that lead to the boat launch. The sun was going down by the time we reached the bridges so I did not go all the way to the boat launch, but I was happy to get her out on the trails. She was a bit spooky but handled everything fairly well, considering she hasn't actually been out in the wilderness since the beginning of November, and it was very windy yesterday. The temperature also dropped 25 degrees from the previous day! Brrr!

I felt encouraged after our hike because I really want to get out there and trail ride, but last time I tried to take her out on the trails for a walk in hand, she was bonkers, spooking at anything and everything, and I could not imagine riding her out there. After yesterday, though, I feel hopeful that we'll get back out there and do some trail riding.

on one of the bridges



  1. wow i'm jealous of your surroundings, what a beautiful place to ride, or hike

    1. we are very lucky to have this beautiful town forest so close-by. This is where we go walking with Cairo, too. My house backs right up to the trails and that is honestly the best part about where I live!

  2. I agree- what a beautiful place you live in!

    Kate, I have a kinda off topic question. When Kenny is filming you ride, what camera/setup is he using? Thanks in advance :-)

    1. Hi Karen,
      I have a little Canon Elph 300HS that I like to use for video. It takes great, high quality 1080p video. They are on the market now for about $120. I also have a little JVC HD camcorder but I don't usually take that out because it's a bit bulky.

  3. Very cool. Looking forward to all of the pony shaming!


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