Friday, February 1, 2013

someone's feeling better!

Don't forget! Sunday at noon, EST is the deadline to submit horse shaming photo contest entries. I've received a lot of great submissions and I cannot wait to share them. You guys have some very sassy ponies, and the captions are hysterical!!!

Click here to see more info about the contest.

Lucy is feeling much better. I am relieved! I've been letting her zoom in the indoor the past couple night so she can get some energy out. She gets so little grain now; she mostly stays plump on beet pulp and hay, but she is still NUTS!

Here she is the other day, clearly enjoying herself:

Umm yeah, who wants to ride that psycho horse?


So I did, last night! After lunging her, which was an opportunity she took to throw some very impressive moves, she had a calm look in her eye again:

So I decided that that was as good of a time as any to get back on. And get this: I rode in the outdoor! And even better, she was SUPER. She did not do a single bad thing. I was so happy, I was grinning from ear to ear. Kenny was there to call 911 if necessary and he even set up a little cavaletti for me, which we trotted and cantered over. She cantered softly away from it each time, easily dropping back to a walk when I asked.

See guys, when she is bad, she is very very bad. But when she is good, she just makes my heart fill with love and happiness. It totally works out in the end.


  1. Yay Lucy! Starting up Pretty again today before work. We have to make a date. :)

  2. So glad you had a nice ride! Super fun idea for a contest, I can't wait to see all the submissions and get a good laugh!

  3. I so wish I could let Dani zoom around inside but since there are stalls bordering the indoor I figure it's a no-no, and I don't even want to ask for fear of being branded an idiot for thinking such a thing.

  4. I was so sure she was going to jump one of those jumps in the video! I really wanted to see that, lol

  5. So happy you had a nice ride! I'm always so impressed at how good/brave you are with such a challenging mare. :)

  6. She looks so pleased with herself. =-)


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