Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trail therapy

I had such a great day today. Lucy and I went on a trail ride with Maddy and Pretty, a chestnut Arabian mare. Pretty had about three months off and she looks like she's 10 months pregnant. This horse is FAT. She just went back into work with Maddy, and has to keep it pretty low-key until she starts getting back into shape. M wanted to go on a trail ride and asked if Lucy and I would like to go too! We warmed up a bit in the ring, first, and then ventured out. We stayed at a walk and did a shorter loop, but I was so happy to be out in the woods again. Lucy was eager, though a bit tense, and we had a couple little spooks but she regained composure quickly and we moved on like nothing happened.

After finishing the ride, both of us looked happy!

Maddy and Pretty out on the trails


  1. Gotta love the slow trail rides after a long time off. Such a great time to reconnect

  2. I love trail rides. Glad that Lucy was so good :)

  3. Oh Pretty... Poor poor Pretty. Take 2 today?!

  4. So happy you guys got out there, and that Lucy was a good girl!!

  5. Oh my that is a chubby little Arab. Glad you had a good ride, I love trail riding, its so relaxing (when there's no horse-eating-rocks around)


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