Monday, November 8, 2010

365 days of Lucy

Today marks the one year anniversary of owning (or being owned by?) Lucy. The top photo above was taken when she stepped off the trailer the day I brought her to my barn. The bottom was taken just a few weeks ago. It's amazing what some nourishment, both emotional and physical, can do.

I spent a little bit of time reflecting on our journey together throughout the year. There have been many highlights and a few negatives, but ultimately she is MUCH healthier and happier now than she was when I got her, and though she is not ready to go jump a cross country course, I am satisfied with what we've accomplished training-wise, especially since I had to unexpectedly do most of it on my own after the trainer I was working with abruptly left the barn not soon after I got L. My current instructor has really helped us stay on track and I am very grateful to him.

I didn't ride tonight, and instead dropped by this morning bright and early before work to give Lucy some snuggles:

And then after work I went back to the barn and made her a super yummy hot mash with carrots, apples, and mints mixed in. Kenny and I had a million errands to run today so I kissed her goodnight and off we went! It'll be back to work for both of us tomorrow, though ;)

[On a side note, it was snowing today. NOT. COOL.]

To celebrate the year we've had together, I am having a little contest. The winner gets an 8x10" print of this image:

Simply leave a comment to be entered, and the winner will be randomly chosen on Friday. Good luck, and thanks for reading!


  1. She is such a beauty! and she has come a long way!!

  2. Oooh I'll play :) Great job with Lucy, I know two things about what you're doing - 1)what crazy/stupid/loveable thoroughbreds have to offer, and 2)what young mares can give. Iy yiy yiy!

  3. This is the first time i read your blog. I'm so happy for Lucy and she is so lucky to be at your home! what a transformation in that 365 days!


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