Tuesday, January 18, 2011

200th Post: Ask Lucy

Wow, two hundred Lucy-centric updates in a little over a year. That's not too bad, right?

The thing is, Lucy is bored, and getting slightly annoyed, because I never let HER talk:

"seriously, mum, will you shut up already?"

Now I don't know if all of you have had the pleasure of interacting with a young, bored, and slightly annoyed mare, but it's not pretty.

To switch it up I thought I'd give everyone a chance to ask Lucy some questions. I will relay the questions to her and let you know what she says. She can be a little bit loopy and sometimes she rambles, but I think underneath all of that 'tude she is quite intelligent.

I'm sure she'd love to talk about her boyfriend(s), her wardrobe, her routines, and her dinner. She'd also probably like reminiscing about her short-lived stint as a racehorse, and musing about what she envisions herself doing in the next few years.

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