Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow day!

We got over 20" of snow yesterday and it was so bad that the state of Rhode Island basically shut down, so I didn't have to go to work! I had a great day and got a lot accomplished. Kenny was once again stuck at work and ended up pulling a 36 hour I did a lot of the work at home cleaning up the driveway and whatnot. Our house has a legal apartment attached to it that we rent out of a friend of ours, and he was home and came out and helped me, which was nice, because that was a LOT of snow!

Here is a photo of me using the snowblower for the first time:

I actually had to call my father in law to ask how to turn it on! Haha. But I got it going and with our housemates help, cleaned off the whole driveway. It took four hours to do because we had waited until most of the snow had already fallen before starting the removal process, and it was very heavy, wet snow. I also did a bit of shoveling and I am paying a handsome price for that today :(

Then I went off to the barn to see Lucy! She was happy to see me. I rode her in the indoor and then went on a little ride around the farm with two other girls from the barn. Here is Lucy posing for the camera:

She likes to stick her whole face in the snow and eat it, so she kept wanting to stretch down and bury her head in the snow. It was so funny. Check out her bridle! Good thing that's the cheap hunter bridle and not my nice Pessoa.

She was so happy to be outside.

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  1. I love the picture with all the snow on her bridle. Priceless!


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