Thursday, January 20, 2011

videos from tonight

Another great ride on Lucy tonight! I rode last night and she was so amazingly good that I set up a little crossrail that she happily trotted over. Unfortunately no one could video for me yesterday, but today my friend Jenny came to the barn with me and she took some video!

Lucy on the flat

Lucy over a crossrail

A screencap:

Not gonna lie, I am THRILLED :D

Also, don't forget to leave a comment with a question for Lucy here.


  1. Thanks Terry. She has her good days and her crazy days, but the crazy days just make me really appreciate the times when she's good!

  2. I <3 your Lucy girl! She's such a personality. Nice jump to her and careful feet for the most part.

  3. Thanks Kristen! She is a nice little jumper but she looooves to rush, so my main goal o/f with her is to make her WAIT. She has to learn she cannot jump a fence at mach 3, it's just not the cool thing to do. Once I get some more confidence in her ability to keep herself under control we will set up some gymnastics but I have to be sure she's not going to be bronco-ing around the ring.


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