Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love my horse, part 2

Yesterday I ventured out with my friend Alicia and her horse Mollie, the pair we went to the field with a couple weeks ago. We hit up a really nice trail down the road that I had gone to just the day before with someone from my barn. Lucy had put up a little fight when we had to cross a stream, but after a discussion she went over the stream. Yesterday she put up the SAME fight and I was like, jeez Lucy, we just went through this! But once again she went through it after about 20 minutes of being stupid about it, and just like yesterday I made L go back and forth a bunch of times:

I finally got back on and rode her for the last crossing. Here she is doing a giant deer leap over it even though she had just walked through it FIVE times in a row! Oh well, at least we got across!

But the thing that REALLY impressed me today about Lucy was that we were trotting along the trail in the snow and all of a sudden Mollie bolted and I heard Alicia saying, "Mollie STOP! Mollie HALT!!!" and then she said as Mollie got closer and closer, "I'm really sorry but we're going to come past you!" and in a chestnut blur, Mollie galloped past us. I was a bit concerned for my safety seeing as I was riding an ex race horse and they tend not to like being passed by another horse who is galloping, so I hung on for dear life as Mollie and Alicia disappeared down the trail. Lucy was mad that I wasn't letting her run but she came back to me easily and without much fuss, and then she walked, though high headed, along the trail! I was so happy with her! eventually I got a little worried because Alicia and Mollie were nowhere to be found, though the hoofprints continued along the trail and not into the woods thank I let Lucy trot, which turned into a canter, and we were actually going along at a good clip down the trail. Mollie had gone about 3/4 of a mile before Alicia was able to pull her up! Boy was I glad when we found them in the next field...but I think Lucy enjoyed playing Search and Rescue! She was quite pleased with herself and I was pleased that I didn't die lol.

When we got back from the trail ride, I decided to take Lucy in the outdoor again because we had so much fun the previous day. I asked a fellow boarder to take some video for me. Here are some screen shots from that video:

And the video of me riding her in the ring.


  1. What a good girl Lucy was not to run off with you.

  2. I used to love riding in the outdoor in the snow...for a year or two way back when, if the indoor was overcrowded in the winter, I was asking for disaster by trying to ride (or even just mount) Promise in it, so we'd go outside instead. I'd lunge her out there and then hop on...figured if she was going to throw me, at least the snow would be softer than the dirt in the indoor, lol! It's a really good workout, too.


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