Saturday, January 15, 2011

I love my horse!

Ok, I know she's been a gigantic wench lately, but over the past three days I have had a BLAST with Lucy.

I have a ton of photos to share so I'll probably break them up over a few posts. But here are some from our ride two days ago, when we went on an epic trail ride and then I rode her in the outdoor when we got back:

boy oh boy do I need a tan!


  1. This photo:
    is totally awesome.

  2. Thanks Dom, I really love the photos from this session but that is one of my favourites because I can remember the feeling of her running through the snow when I look at it.

  3. Lucy is so beautiful! There are so many times in your videos where I think, "now I would have eaten dirt." lol! u have a great seat.


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