Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lucy's new halter from Danzig Bros, LLC

After Lucy very loudly told me she deserved a new halter, I started searching for a leather halter that was made well but did not cost an arm and a leg (and possibly my first born child). I found *the one* at Danzig Bros, which is a Florida based company that makes beautiful leather goods. I chose a havana-coloured halter with black padding and I am just so impressed with the quality of it. Most of the halters I saw in stores looked cheap (even if they had big price tags) and the leather felt stiff and waxy. This halter looked stunning right out of the packaging. The leather is soft and supple and I love that her name is on the side :)

Of course we had to have a photoshoot so she could model her new gear.

Sadly we had just missed the light, but at least she's looking a bit less butt-high than last month! I may end up with an up-hill horse afterall.


  1. Very nice, I will have to go check out the site.

  2. Halter looks good! I need to check that site out as well!

  3. HOW do u get her so clean?? I need you to come groom Laz for me. I'm dying to give him a bath..soon!

  4. Haha Kristen...I am kind of a grooming maniac. It's like therapy for me. Once or twice a week I will do a really thorough grooming, including spraying her with coat conditioner and then rubbing it into her coat with a towel. That really seems to make a difference and she has a lovely shine to her.


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