Monday, April 18, 2011

O.C.'s adventure

O.C. is the little orange barn cat I sometimes post photos of here. He loves getting in peoples cars, and everyone at the barn knows to check their car to make sure he's not fast asleep in the back seat before leaving the barn.

On Saturday, one of the boarders took two of her horses to Massachusetts for a horse show. She got to the barn early, loaded the horses, saw that O.C. had gotten into the trailer, kicked him out, made sure everything was all set, and off they went. An hour and a half later she arrived at the show grounds opened up the trailer. There, peeking at her sleepily, was the damn cat. He had jumped BACK into the trailer after she initially kicked him out and stowed away and went all the way to the show with them!

Of course this was not good, because O.C. is the barn owner's favourite cat. He is a one-of-a-kind kitty and the woman knew that the BO would be very upset if his favourite cat went missing. She called and let him know that the cat was safe, but that he'd have to hang out at the show because she didn't have time to drive him back.

O.C. found himself locked in a crate all day long. The woman said she thought he would be upset about getting locked up, but he actually had a great day. He lounged around, gave himself a bath, watched the show from his little kitty carrier, and seemed very content. After the show was over he happily snoozed on her friends lap in the truck all the way home.


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