Saturday, June 11, 2011

and the scale says...



So that means she's gained just under 180lbs since I bought her. That to me is amazing. I am really pleased!

Then I had the most fabulous ride! It started to rain outside, so we used the indoor.


good girl :)

she was such a sweetheart today

I picked up a straight rubber pelham today...I hope she likes it! Thanks for all your suggestions!

Mary, you asked about a bitless bridle. We have tried that with less than stellar results ;)

Here's the entry where I wrote about that day.


  1. I have never tried one. I seem to need the extra "brakes" a bit gives. I though maybe since her mouth was sensitive, she might be a good candidate. I hope she likes the pelham too!

  2. That's a great weight gain! You should be proud. :) If the rubber pelham is too thick for Lucy's liking, you could try the one I use on Daatje. It's the Korsteel Fleximullen and the mouthpiece is thinner and more giving than the ones on the thick black rubber mouthed pelhams. Just thought I'd throw another option at you. :) The link for the flexi bits is here:


  3. Excellent! If you leave the curb chain loose I am sure you will both be very happy in it!


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