Friday, June 24, 2011

my ride today

looking so cute trotting through the big puddle in the ring!

I just love her!


jeez Lu, don't look so happy...

no, really, people are going to think you're
abused or something.

nothing better than getting slapped in the face
repeatedly by her left ear!


  1. I guess she just didn't feel like modeling today. She really looks great though.

  2. Mary, thanks! I was really pleased with how she went today. At the end she was hot, tired, hungry, and being harassed by the bugs, so I don't blame her for not wanting to look cute for the camera :D

  3. I was thinking the same thing - what a beautiful trot. That second photo - oo-la-la.
    Terry from Moondance

  4. That second picture makes me jealous! She's sooo gorgeous!

  5. Please, Lu doesn't take a bad pic:) Very cute!


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