Sunday, June 5, 2011

photos from Argentina vs. USA's polo match

I went to a polo match at Glen Farm in Portsmouth, RI (on the outskirts of Newport). I've lived in RI for 8 years and this was my first time going to a match there! Terrible!! :) I had a blast -- the people watching would have been enough entertainment for me but as a bonus there were sleek polo ponies galloping all over the field.

Light blue is Argentina. Dark blue is USA.

As the light started to fade, I changed the settings on the
camera to practice panning.

USA won! At the end of the match all the players galloped
around the edge of the field and high-fived spectators.


  1. That looks like fun! I've never been to a polo match but I want to someday. Love your pictures as always :)

  2. What great photos! I love polo matches for the sport and the people watching!!

  3. USA won because the players for Argentina were not even ranked players. In fact two or three are not even from there. Can you imagine if the real Argentine players did come with their ponies to play here? I mean Argentina has the top players in the world with 10 handicap! Impossible because they would blow the USA out of the water. It would be a no-competition match. To see the best polo you have to head to Buenos Aires where the regulation fields are twice the size of Glen Farm and those ponies are amazing plus the players are fit and incredible at play. Surely the match must have been entertaining but they announced it as that being the real Argentine team when that's just not true.

  4. USA won in a round of sudden death, so it was a close match that came down to the last second, which for me as a spectator was fun to watch. Lexie, it sounds like you are involved with the team? Were you at the match?

  5. Lexie: you are almost right, one of the argentine side players was an english guy who didn't know how to ride a horse, the number 1 player was a colombian guy, this was his first time on a polo game, number 2 was an argentine groom who never played polo, #4 was the only professional polo player who was mounted on very difficult horses, with out mention the umpires who clearly didn't know the rules or where trying to make the "argentine team" to have a bad bad day. Just to end this brief comment , they were playing against the strongest team newport could put on the field. In my opinion which i consider to understand about the game of polo, argentina clearly should've won by at least 5 goals. Anyway at the end of the game I had a few words with # 4 argentine player and asked him about the refereed he only respond with a big smile: it was a great afternoon for all the people watching!


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