Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a gift, and the great hay hunt

I have gushed considerably on here about how much I like and appreciate my barn owner. I am sad to be leaving at the end of the month even though I know it's the right thing for my horse, so I wanted to do something for him to say thank you for everything he's done for me.

I referenced one of the photos I took of his dog that I posted in my last entry, and drew this:

I am very pleased with how it came out and I hope he likes it! He loves this dog. My mission for tomorrow afternoon is to find a nice frame for it, and then I'll give it to him on the 1st when we leave.

My task for this week was to find hay to buy. I called my "regular" hay guy last week to see if he had anything good and he said he wouldn't have anything for a whole month! I started to panic a bit because I only have five bales left of the hay I've been feeding, which will last us until the move but not much longer. I also really wanted to get hay delivered to the new barn before we moved the horses so that I didn't have to worry about it because I am sure I will be a bit fried after the move.

Then late last night I was perusing Craigslist (I know, I know) and found an ad for last year's second cut for $5 a bale. I have bought hay from that person before and it was awesome, so I called him up and asked if what he had now was similar to what we got from him last time. He responded that it was actually even better than that, and they are huge bales. Umm, huge second cut green grassy bales for $5 each? Sign me up! So Claire and I bought 80 of them to split between us and he'll be delivering them next Wednesday! PHEW! By the time the horses burn through this delivery, it'll be time for this years second cut so we should be in good shape.


  1. What a wonderful gift for your old barn owner! I'm sure he will love it.

  2. a) beautiful drawing!

    b) I am kicking myself, I've left it too late this winter to get hay in, and now I am stuck with the expensive (but very nice) hay from the produce. I'm hoping to pick up some good stuff from my hay guy in about 6 weeks. It just sucks because every time I saved up enough money to buy bulk hay, one of my pets demanded expensive vet visits!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL DRAWING! He will love it!

    I'm so not looking forward to having to buy hay when/IF we ever get our new place. But luckly I live in North Dakota and hay is $2.50-$3.00 a bale.

  4. Oh my goodness, $2.50 for a bale of! The last load I got was $8.50 a bale so $5 seems like a lovely break in price to me, but $2.50 would be even better. Feed stores are selling crappy hay around here for $11 a bale. Insane.

  5. Wow, you are an incredible artist! He's going to love that picture.

    I feel fortunate that I've always boarded at barns that buy hay for the whole barn (it's good hay too). One less thing to worry about!

  6. Kate, you are so talented! Your barn owner will love it.
    Terry Moondance (sign-in problems again/still)

  7. That is a gorgeous piece of art! Lucky man... I can't believe what a great price you found on yor hay either! It's crazy expensive in Florida, and the quality is "ok" at best......I can't even imagine the 2.50 hay mentioned above!


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