Sunday, June 26, 2011

Newport Polo: Newport vs. Boston

We went to watch another polo match yesterday. This time we did it the right way, and my friend reserved a tailgating spot. We had a huge spread of three tables of food. We enjoyed everything from homemade chili to sausages to fruit to hummus and crackers, in addition to cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries and a gorgeous cheese assortment.

We were very close to the field this time, and one thing that struck me this time around was that these horses are bitted up like WOAH. I don't know if they're gags or what, but they seem to be quite severe, and I saw some terribly harsh riding out there.

the "snacks", and this was before the third table arrived.


mega ouch...


  1. That looks fun to watch!! and ouch that does look pretty rough in the mouth!!

  2. I've never been a real fan of polo for that very reason. I don't see much consideration in regards to the horse. It does sound like a really fun outing though. Good Eats!

  3. Yeah, professional polo seems like one of those sports where the horse's welfare is not their top priority sadly. =-(

    I've seen some lower level polo where the horses are well cared for and they ride in snaffle bits, but that's just playing for fun so it's different.

    Your food made my mouth water!


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