Friday, June 10, 2011

long lost trash the dress photos

My mum, who took the photos of Lucy and I during the trash the dress session last October along with my wedding photographer, finally gave me the images from that shoot on a DVD. I hadn't seen most of the images on there before, so here are some fun/candid shots from the photo shoot!

The copyright to all of these images is owned by Patricia Axford/

I still can't believe I managed to climb all over this backhoe and not get my
white dress dirty!

Getting Lucy ready for her modeling debut

Lucy was not excited (or maybe that was
the Ace kicking in?)

I love this one! Pricked ears and everything!

My dress kept flopping to one side and I constantly had to adjust the train,
as you can see in this photo. I love the gradients of the different layers
against Lu's dark coat.


  1. Gorgeous!! Both of you are ridiculously pretty.

  2. Just stunning. I totally plan to do the same thing (if I ever find a man dumb enough to marry me. lol!)

  3. Those pictures are perfect! So pretty!!

  4. Wow! What made you want to do this kind of a shoot? On my wedding day, I was planning on having photos with my horse but he died about 4 months before. My sister's horse was still at my house though (along with a loaner that I wasn't particularly fond of) but the day ended up being super soggy and wet and I decided against trying to force poor 4 year old Gracie (who would have been terrified of my dress) to stand with me in puddles of mud before we left home. Now I'm thinking of doing a shoot with my new horse! Lol.

  5. Love these! The photographer I occasionally work for is gonna do a trash the dress for me this spring/summer/fall/whenever I get my horse back in town. I can't wait!

  6. I never ever get sick of these :) <3


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