Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today is Lucy's 4th birthday!

I have been debating for a week about what to get her, but I settled on a Jolly Ball because I thought she would enjoy playing with it. Kenny and I went to the barn tonight together to give it to her and she seemed to like it!

She played with it a bit in her stall and then we turned her out in the indoor to let her get some energy out, and of course we were hoping that she would play with her new toy a bit more. She seemed not to be interested in the Jolly Ball while turned out, though, so we just had a bit of fun watching her run around, and then she wanted to cuddle so she got lots of pats and attention (she is the birthday girl, after all!).

After she was done running around, we tied the Jolly Ball around one of the overhead beams in her stall, and it now sits against the back wall in her stall, so that she can nudge it around with her nose and play with it. Before we left, she had already figured out how to push it, so I hope she enjoys it.

"Thanks, Dad!"

I think what she really wanted was a kitty.

O.C. was not interested, though. Sorry Lucy!

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