Sunday, January 10, 2010


Lucy's had an easy week and I have been a bit quiet because there has been some major drama, which resulted in some large changes at the barn where I keep Lucy. I was given the option to leave with a large group but at the last second chose to stay. Lucy is happy where she is and so am I, and the barn has everything I ever wanted in a barn and is very convenient for me to get to. The future may hold some changes for Lucy and I but for now we will stay put.

The biggest change is that G is no longer around, and I am now trainerless. This sucks because I was really looking forward to having more lessons from her, especially now that the canter is coming along. I guess I need to consider finding a new trainer, which I am not looking forward to...sigh.

Since I was part of the now defunct co-op, I'm having to go out every day and clean her stall, but I kind of like being in charge of everything. I also increased her hay to two flakes in the AM and four at night, with one flake for lunch. Hopefully she'll fill out over the last sets of ribs, towards her hind end, where hay really counts more than grain for weight.

I noticed a hard, small lump on her right front leg, just below the front of the knee in the middle of her leg. It's cold, there's no swelling or heat, and she doesn't react to me poking and prodding so I am going to leave it alone for now. She's completely sound (phew!) and has no problem playing like any normal 3yo in the indoor. I have no idea what this would be...she may have whacked herself on something but there is no tenderness or swelling, so I don't think that's the case. It's not the right place for a splint to be an issue. Any other ideas?

In the coming week I am hoping that things will be much more low-key! Lucy has a chiro appt on Tuesday first thing in the morning. I suspect a lot of the issues that were addressed during her first chiro appt are starting to reappear, especially in the hind end, so hopefully with a second treatment she will be feeling great again.

Along with horse drama, I also found out that my car is completely toast so next week I guess I get to go car shopping...delightful. I really hate car shopping, especially when it's not my idea! Silly car. So this has been a long and very stressful week for me.

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