Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Canter progress!

Tonight's ride started off on the wrong hoof. She fought me with everything, and I fought back. After ten minutes of this we were getting nowhere, and let's face it: a 130lb person is rarely going to win a fight against an 1100lb horse.

SO, we started over, and I am so glad we did. Our canter work was ahhhmazing compared to what I've gotten from her in the past. She felt relatively balanced, wasn't out of control, wasn't four-beating around the corners, and I actually enjoyed myself! Amazing.

Here is a video :)

I have been giving a lot of thought to Lucy's show name. Technically, Kenny gets to pick it, but I have still been daydreaming about some ideas.

I've seen a lot of horses lately with numbers as part of their show names. Is this a trend within certain breeds, or a common thing? I came up with Phoenix 11 last night and for whatever reason, I really like this. 11 is for November, the month that I bought her in. Phoenix is after the bird, not the city. A phoenix symbolizes rebirth, healing, and second chances.

For those of you who show, how did you come up with your horse's show names? Did they come with the name, or did you think of it yourself? Did you have the show name picked out and then base the barn name off of that?

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