Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lucy's Mysterious Mirror Friend

Lucy has always been infatuated with her mysterious friend in the mirror.

-This friend looks exactly like Lucy
-This friend seems to be in an indoor that looks exactly like the one Lucy's in!
-This friend copies everything that Lucy does! Amazing!

I catch her going up to the mirror with her ears pricked sometimes. Then she'll see if she can outsmart her friend, and look away all coy-like, and then when her friend is least expecting it, quickly glance in the mirror. Then she seems to get frustrated because this friend always knows when she's going to be looking, and the friend looks at the exact same time!

The video below is about 7 minutes long but she was such a joy to watch tonight playing in the indoor that I had a hard time cutting down the footage.

She was much more manageable under saddle tonight but that was probably because the barn was totally deserted so we had the indoor all to ourselves, and she had plenty of time to get all of the kinks out hehe. She was having a great time.

The best part of our ride, of which there is some footage in the video, was our canter to the right. She was so much more relaxed than she has been, and I felt so confident in her that after a few laps, I gave her a longer rein, sat back, and really trusted her. She was awesome.

Here's the video!

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