Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crossrails are for ponies.

I felt like it was time for a change in the routine, so I tried Lucy over a few baby crossrails today during our ride. She was not phased at all. She didn't try to rush or stop, and seemed happy to just continue on her way. I was SO pleased!

The only time we actually got a jump out of her was when we raised the fence to a small vertical.

Next time I am going to ride her with a bit of a looser rein. I would also be happy with a lower leg transplant if I can find one that will stay back ;) I don't know if I'm quite ready for no-stirrup work with this horse yet.

Here's the video from today.


  1. OTTBs are great at training their riders to take their lower leg off. Then when you go to let your leg rest securely against their side they tweak out like you've just goosed them. It looks to me like you're just not keeping your leg on the horse (that doesn't mean giving them a "go" cue). If you don't allow your leg to drape against your horse's barrel you (1) will be goosing them every time you decide to use your leg which will add to your fear of keeping your leg on, (2) your leg will swing around 'cause it's got nowhere to go, and (3) you'll end up kinda insecure in the saddle.

    I just had to teach my TB that it was okay and not the end of the world if my calf was making contact with his barrel... and he's 10.

    Lucy is looking so good! I love following your adventure. She took her first little jump school like a champion, what a good level headed girl!

  2. You are totally right, and that's something that I am doing subconsciously. I have done a lot of work with her getting her to accept my leg and she does really well with it, so now I just have to make myself use my legs.

  3. She looks great-- not phased at all! My little guy takes cross rails with no problem but thinks ground pole=flying lead change. So he gives me one every time you go over a pole. Greenies are so fun.


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