Thursday, February 18, 2010

sitting still is hard to do.

It's been another easy week for Lucy, because I am not allowed to ride or lift anything heavy due to having a biopsy on Tuesday (which was lovely-- so much so that I hope I never have to go through that again). While I am healing, I am having to rely on friends and my wonderful fiance to help me with the horse. A fellow boarder cleaned her stall for me yesterday and Kenny is able to do it today. Kenny and I are going to New York to visit his family this weekend so I had to ask another boarder to take care of L for me on Saturday and Sunday. It's great to have people around who are able to help. I am sure that by the time Monday rolls around, I will be back in business, and probably desperate to get in the saddle!

Going from seeing my horse every day and riding 4-5 days a week to having to "take it easy" has been tough. Last night at 8 I went to the barn for a bit of pony therapy, and I spent some time with Lucy in her stall. I was a bit down from the whole experience earlier in the week and I missed my girl. I crouched down by the stall door and she came over and put her head down and snuffed my hair and let me pet her nose. I know horses are expensive but they are still cheaper than a human therapist, and I think in 20 minutes of petting her soft muzzle I felt much better than hours of armchair conversations could have accomplished.

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