Thursday, February 4, 2010

horsey laundry

Since I bought Lucy, the amount of laundry I've had to do has increased drastically. Not only that, but I find myself washing my NICE clothes because they have hay/slobber/dirt ground into the fabric. I mean, we all know that barn life is supremely glamourous, but despite my best attempts to separate barn attire from work attire, the two inevitably blend together.

Of course it's going to get much worse once the weather warms up. At least now I can wear my riding pants several times before they need to be washed because it's so cold. Once the warm weather comes, though, it's only once or twice that I can wear something before it needs 30 minutes in the washing machine. Add to that the saddle pads that need cleaning on a weekly basis and that is a lot of extra laundry!

All I can say is that I love OxiClean. That stuff is magical.

Also, it turns out we won't be moving in March because the stall that the barn owner was planning on becoming available apparently is not going to be open. Bummer.


  1. Arg! That's happened to me before. Making arrangements to move my ponies somewhere and then next thing you know they're saying "Just kidding, so-and-so really isn't leaving."

    In the summer I often just hang my saddle pads upside down on a fence and give them the hose and maybe scrub in some horse shampoo if necessary. I find that's easier, and more effiecent than tring to wash them in a regular washing machine where all the hair just transfers to everything else

  2. It was frustrating only because I had been so excited to move Lucy there, and I had already given notice to my current BO. Oh well :) Hopefully another stall will open up in the near future because I really liked that barn.

    Hanging the saddle pads and spraying them is a great idea. I will have to try that next time to minimize the washing machine abuse!


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