Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leg protection on trailer rides

March will be bringing some changes for Lucy and I, and I am really excited. She will be taking a ~15 minute trailer ride to a gorgeous new barn, and I am starting to think about what I will do for leg protection.

When I bought her, I kind of just tossed her onto the shipper's trailer without anything but a halter and she came out on the other side unscathed and calm. She raced up and down the East Coast and so she has spent a lot of time in trailers (another reason to love an OTTB!) so I don't even know if wrapping her legs is necessary. That being said, I'd feel really stupid if I didn't wrap them and she managed to damage herself during the short trip. I feel like with horses, especially young ones, you need to plan for everything, and that often includes protecting them from themselves (sigh).

So then my dilemma is if I am going to wrap her legs, do I get shipping boots, pillow wraps/bandages, or use the SMB Elite boots that I already have? Would polo wraps even be sufficient (probably not; most research points to them being pretty useless except for looking snazzy).

I am hoping to take her to a few small shows and maybe an organized trail ride in May this year, so maybe investing in some shipping boots or a standing wrap set-up would be worth the cost.

I have a while to think about all of this stuff, so that's good!


  1. Are you moving completely or going offsite for weekly lessons?

  2. Nope we will be moving completely. I really loved my old barn but it's wasn't the right environment for me; I'm looking for something a bit more up-beat with more people who actually ride as opposed to just boarding their horse at the farm and showing up to muck stalls (not like there's anything wrong with that!).

    The new barn has an active lesson program and the boarders there are really friendly. At my current barn, most everyone just keeps to themselves and I get lonely.

    The best part is that I could walk to the new barn from my apartment if I really wanted to. It's also right on the edge of a huge park with trails. They have an amazing indoor with rubber footing and ample turnout. I already know a few people who board there and I am really excited to meet those whom I don't know!

  3. Are you going to Meadowatch?? I really like Jenn Rhuling. You can tell her you know me and that I say a HI!!! Who is even left at SHF now except Dan and the BO's horses? Is the boarded pony still there next to Lucy? Well...lots of changes. If you are going to Meadowatch you will be really happy. Just be careful if you are crossing 102!!! If not there, are you going to Melody Farm? Know them too!!! I get around, lol!

  4. For security, since this is a public blog, I'd rather not say here where I'm going but if you want to email me I'd be happy to tell you.

  5. Sorry!!! I am totally a newbie to this blog thing, good advice!


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