Friday, February 5, 2010

Shedding season

I discovered to my delight that Lucy had started to shed today when I was grooming her before our ride. I was a bit surprised because she hardly grew any winter coat, which could have been a result of her poor condition or it could just be the way she is wired. The horse I leased before I bought L grew a thick, fuzzy winter coat that made him resemble a plush teddy bear but I know thoroughbreds are a lot different than warmbloods.

This of course means that not only are my work clothes dirty, but they're also covered in horse hair :D

My question is, though, how do I get through shedding season with a horse that is so sensitive that I cannot even use a curry comb on her? With Caesar I'd get out the shedding blade and go to town and he'd stand there with a look of bliss on his little horsey face. I think if I used a shedding blade on Lucy she'd eat me. She already pins her ears and swishes her tail when I use the curry comb, and the one I have is one of those soft jelly ones, too!

I have had a very tough week personally but I must say that the promise of seeing my horse every day after I leave work has really kept my spirits up. My fiance is incredible, too. He had the day off today and went and cleaned L's stall for me so that I could just go to the barn and ride without having to worry about chores. I love him!

Here is a cute video of Lucy playing in the outdoor today before our ride, and then rolling after it.

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